Oct 7, 2009

Tsunami At Haeundae (2009)

You will laugh (definitely) or maybe tears at the same time...

Watched this Korean movie at Teruntum Mall with my 6 other housemates. Just 7 of us plus 2 couples in the cinema hall. As this is a disaster movie which is about the destruction caused by a super-tsunami, i didnt expect that this movie actually have a lot of comedy scene in it!!

Okay. Now I'll start with a lil' bit synopsis of this film. This is a story of 3 couples which finally the tsunami bring them together.

Choi Man-Sik is an ex-fisherman who lost his ship and colleague to the 2004 tsunami. Since then, he didn't want to fish anymore. After the 2004 incident, Man-Sik takes care of his colleague's daughter, Yeon-hee & he fall in love with her.

Kim Hwi is an expert in seismic and tsunami activities. He has a wife albeit estranged, Yoo-Jin and a daughter who doesn't know him. Hwi was adamant that a mega-tsunami was going to hit Korea but was laughed off by his associates.

Brother Man-Sik, Hyung-Sik is a lifeguard at Haeundae beach. His character saves this Seoul girl Hee-Mi but injured her in the process.

Oh! Don't forget this guy. Mamat ni lawak gila lah!

The way he run, remind me of my lecturer! Jom² teka siapa?

Although the CGI is not the best but i have to say that its a great achievement!

With a mega-tsunami heading straight for Haeundae at 500 miles per hour, is it possible to evacuate one million visitors & citizens out of Busan in only ten minutes!!?

Rating: 8/10

P/S: Can't wait for 2012. Another must-see-movies of 2009!!

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